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Looking for a relaxing escape for your team?

Our creative workshops are unique, fun, and give back to underserved schools in your community. 

Get and Give! 

Workshop Options - Virtual or In Person

Over 40+ options to choose from or let us customize a workshop specifically for your team. We can base it on a theme, your team mission, or an event you are having.
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"We inspire confidence and teach the importance of creativity by giving adults a glimpse into their potential as innovative thinkers and changemakers."

Julie Stover

Founder, ArtHouse Kids, ArtHouse Studio, & Tiviti

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Tell your team a little-known fact about you! 

Engaging interactive activities that provide bonding experiences to help forge ongoing relationships and embody core company values

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Replicate a famous painting!

Engaging in “team play” that boosts mood and increase creativity

Teams can use their skills, passions, and insights for betterment of their shared local communities. Try our "Get One/Give One" Activity - Teams do a workshop and give a workshop to a Title I school - and merge images! 

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We create a beautiful representation of your images and the sponsored students all together as a digital background. 

Create together for a "wow- I can't believe I did this! " outcome!

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Create a playlist all together and listen while painting, collaging or watercoloring a guitar or playlist album cover. 

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