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Our Virtual Team Building offers creative hands-on ways to connect with peers using fun, art-based activities for “team play”, allowing for deeper self-reflection and more meaningful connections with peers.

A 1.5 to 2 hour facilitated Team Building experience includes:

Team intros - grounding and self reflection.

Team debrief on shared experience – learnings and takeaways.

Facilitated creative activity - step by step - no experience necessary!  

Supply kits - These can be added to the experience for approx $10 per person (depending on activity).

Digital team background - We will merge all of your teams' images into one collage for a great conversation starter.

Gear - Images created that day can be made intoT-shirts, mugs, etc. for great team bonding and will be available at an additional cost.

Supporting students - 10% of activity fee goes towards underserved youth programs that empower and inspire students to be innovative thinkers and changemakers.   

Here are some examples of the over 40 possible projects we could do with your team!

Holiday themed:  “Earth Day, Valentines, Cinco de Mayo, etc.."

We have great ideas for Holiday themes: 

  • Learn fun facts about the holiday while creating!

  • Bond over learning each other's  traditions 

  • Use team images to make gifts to remember.  Tote bags, tee's and more


Add ons include : love song playlist for Valentines Day, cookies for Christmas, margarita makings for Cinco de Mayo,  make a sustainable Earth Day tote with team images.


Fun and Creative: Famous Painting Challenge

Put on your creative hats and recreate famous paintings with items at your house!

  • Choose from preselected paintings to recreate

  • Replicate the painting within given parameters (specific items, colors and spaces)

  • Put it together within a specified amount of time and snap a picture to upload and share with the team

Hysterical fun that can get your creative
juices flowing!

Famous painting #1.jpg

Creativity Step By Step: Create your own masterpiece

Learn techniques to create art!


  • Easy guided step by step process, for drawing, painting, chalk pastel or your choice of mediums

  • Materials sent directly to each participant, or they can utilize materials at home

  • Options to create face masks, T Shirts, tote bags or digital murals of the images

Amazement and pride at what participants can create with guidance!

Step by Step Masterpiece.jpg

Relax and De-Stress 1.5 hour Team Building or 20 minute “Zen Lunch breaks” to reset

Choose from over 20 relaxing design techniques to music.

  • Easy guided ”doodling” techniques and patterns that calm the soul

  • Materials sent directly to each participant, or they can utilize materials at home

  • Make these into t-shirts or notebooks for the team or use as your teams video conference background!

Use these techniques to start each day or
during the day to relax – discounts available
for weekly block of “calm”.

Take a break .jpg

Build Relationships : Team Music Playlist

What better way to learn about one another than to hear their favorite music!

  • Each person shares their favorite song/tunes while WFH

  • Learn album cover techniques of llettering and image while looking at various album covers

  • Create your own album cover

  • Create a playlist with the songs and covers

Be exposed to new music, see your teammates favorite music, and listen to our compilation for downloading later!

Playlist - Music .png

Shop local makers handmade goods in a VIRTUAL Online Shop!

Example: We represent over 40 small businesses with our Heartmade Handmade Goods Shopping Events.   Support your local makers with team shopping for beautiful handmade items.


We set it up and you shop online - as a virtual team! 1-2 hours

Result: Shop in the comfort of home knowing you are helping small, local, handmade business.

** Proceeds can also benefit school
programs that teach kids how to run a
small business!

2019 Hapas.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 2.50.24 PM.png

"I was astonished at what I did at our event - it exercised a part of my brain that I never use but but now I want to more often!"

— Name, Title

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 7.25.30 AM.png

"I can't describe how good it felt - I was so busy I didn't think I would stay to finish the project but I just lost myself in needed!"

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